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Based in New York's historic Hudson River Valley, Cornwall-Highlands Arts Alliance is a community organization (with fiscal sponsorship provided by the Orange County Arts Councildedicated to supporting and promoting the Arts in both the Town of Cornwall (which includes the village of Cornwall-on-Hudson) and the Town of Highlands (comprised of the village of Highland Falls and hamlet of Fort Montgomery). Situated on either side of the Storm King mountain, the communities of Cornwall and Highlands have long played host to numerous artists, writers, musicians and performers.


Initially, CHAA began as two separate groups, though both founded by the same artist, Jay LeRoy.


In the summer of 2018, LeRoy - a Highlands native though Cornwall resident at the time - founded Cornwall Arts Collective. After attending one of Goshen Art League's Art Walk events, he was inspired to create a group for Cornwall artists, as there wasn't one at that time. As the founding member, LeRoy led CAC until autumn of 2019 when Cornwall photographer Rebecca Kashinski took on the role of chairperson. Under her leadership, CAC continued to grow, organize exhibitions and collaborate with the Greater Cornwall Chamber of Commerce to begin Cornwall's very own Art Walk in 2023. 


Wanting to give back to his hometown of Highland Falls, LeRoy then founded Highlands Arts Alliance in the spring of 2021. Being there was no formal arts group in the Town of Highlands, he collaborated with Fort Montgomery photographer Karen Parashkevov to lay the foundations for the new group. Parashkevov founded the Highlands Photography Salon soon thereafter and it became an ongoing program with HAA.

Regardless of their separation by Storm King Mountain, the Cornwall and Highlands communities have always been interconnected. Over time CAC and HAA began to share a number of members and would invite all members from both groups to participate in their respective exhibitions and cultural events. So it was only natural that both groups would eventually join together, unified in their shared mission to support the Arts, promote member artists and help to enhance the quality of community life with the Arts. Thus, Cornwall Arts Collective and Highlands Arts Alliance merged in January of 2024 to become the Cornwall-Highlands Arts Alliance!


Hanging paintings on a wall
Signage for Cornwall Art Walk
Art fair vendor with customers
Painting instruction at members meeting


Cornwall-Highlands Arts Alliance has three main objectives:

- Support the Arts

- Promote Artists

- Enhance life through art

We aim to raise awareness of the many talented, creative individuals in both the Towns of Cornwall Highlands, NY through public exhibitions, arts events, activities, and more while providing a network of support for CHAA members.

Moderated by program founder and photographer Karen Parashkevovthe Photography Salon is a monthly gathering to connect with fellow photographers, share and critique work, and learn new techniques.

The Salon is held on the first Saturday of each month at the American Legion Hall, 134 Old State Road, Highland Falls, NY 10928 from 11 a.m. til 1p.m.


Highlands Photography Salon logo

In 2023, Cornwall Arts Collective partnered with the Greater Cornwall of Chamber of Commerce for an inaugural Art Walk in Cornwall and Cornwall-on-Hudson. Artists and artisans were set up along Main Street in Cornwall and around Village Square in Cornwall-on-Hudson, on the second Friday of each month from May through October. Many people came out to enjoy the art, shop, eat in local establishments and enjoy live music.


CHAA has evolved the Art Walk into Arts on Main. This event will take place on the first Friday of the month from May through September. Artists and artisans will be set up on Main Street in Cornwall with a variety of performances on Bridge Street.

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