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  • May 4th: GUEST SPEAKER, STAN GOLDBLATT - Portrait Photography, Studio and On Location. Stan will discuss approaches for ​portraiture and lighting in the studio and on-location, the commercial photographer's portfolio, with a Question and Answer session to follow. Plus Show & Critique Photos


  • June 1st: Focused Topic-Led Discussion – Black & White Photography, Show & Critique Photos


  • June 8th (rain date June 9th): Photo Walk – Perkins Memorial Drive (AT Trail  if reopened), 4-6pm

    • REGISTRATION REQUIRED, Limited to 6 participants.  

    • Meeting Location will be provided.  Wear appropriate clothing and shoes.  

  • July 6th: Focused Topic-Led Discussion - SPECIAL PRESENTATION BY ANGELO MARCIALIS - Stitching Images Together in Panorama, Show & Critique Photos


  • August 3rd: Focused Topic-Led Discussion - PS Editing Tips, NIK Collections OptionsInteractive Online Demo, Show & Critique Photos


  • September 7th: Focused Topic-Led Discussion – Landscape Photography – Tips 2Show & Critique Photos


  • October 5th: Focused Topic-Led Discussion – Digital Signature & Copy BrushShow & Critique Photos

  • October 12th (rain date October 13th): Photo Walk – Fall Foliage, Time and Location TBA

REGISTRATION REQUIREDLimited to 6 participants

  • November: 2024 Yearly Contributor Photography Exhibition II Final Dates TBA

  • December 7th: Focused Topic-Led Discussion - PS Editing Tips, Double Exposure - Interactive Online Demo, Show & Critique Photos

  • January 8th to February 5th: 2024 Yearly Contributor Photography Exhibition I at the Highland Falls Library - Opening Reception RESCHEDULED to January 13th from 12 p.m. til 1:45 p.m. Light refreshments

  • February 3rd: Focused Topic-Led Discussion – Portable Storage OptionsShow & Critique Photos


  • March 2nd: Focused Topic-Led Discussion – Remove & Lasso/Generative Fill Tools in Photoshop – Interactive Online Demo, Show & Critique Photos


  • April 6th: Focused Topic-Led Discussion – SPECIAL PRESENTATION BY DAVID NICHOLLS - Zap the Tourist - Removal of People in Images - Interactive Online DemoShow & Critique Photos



Making a Life in Photography: Rollie McKenna

Highlands Photography Salon FIELD TRIP

April 25th, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Optional $10 donation in support of ongoing Salon activities

Admission is Free

124 Raymond Avenue, Poughkeepsie, NY 12604

This exhibition is the first survey of the prolific career of American photographer Rosalie (Rollie) Thorne McKenna (1918–2003)

Click Here to Return to the Photography Salon's main page

The tour will be led by a Vassar guide knowledgeable about photography. 

Special bonus: Jessica Brier, Curator of Photography will visit with the group.

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