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Literature themed arts exhibition

at Highland Falls Library

298 Main Street, Highland Falls, NY 10928

They are vessels of inspiration, thrills, comfort, controversy, and knowledge. The stories, symbols or facts they contain have the possibility to be eye-opening and life changing. And that’s why Highlands Arts Alliance, in conjunction with Highland Falls Library, are celebrating books and the power they have on us.


​Artists were invited to interpret the theme, “more than words”, in any way they wished. Participating artists include HAA members D.C. Anderson, Maureen Hart, Sheldon Stowe, and guest artist Rachael Williams.


In addition, local children were invited to draw scenes from their favorite stories for inclusion in this exhibition.

Libraries are more than books and books are more than words.


August 5 through September 9, 2022

HAA hosted a special afternoon arts activity for children ages 6 thru 12 at the Highland Falls Library. Called "Set the Scene", the event allowed kids in the Highlands community to stop by and draw scenes from their favorite stories. Their artwork is also featured in the "More Than Words" exhibition. Stop by Highland Falls Library to see all of their creations. But if you can't make it, view the gallery below!

Local kids "Set the Scene" on July 28th

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